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The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

Did you know the clothing industry is responsible for 10% of the planet’s carbon emissions each year?

This is so because clothing brands across the world are manufacturing their clothes and running their businesses unethically without considering their environmental impact.

However, the clothing industry's negative impact has led to the birth of the "slow fashion" movement, sprouting many clothing brands like Stella that are making clothes with eco-friendly fabrics and are doing all that they can to keep their environmental footprint as minimal as possible.

But what is Sustainable clothing? Clothing that is designed using sustainable fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, and pima cotton that have less of a negative impact on the planet. In addition, sustainable clothing is usually created by sustainable clothing brands whose main mission is to produce stylish and comfortable clothing without sacrificing the environment in doing so.

Sustainable clothing brands have conscious business models that align with lessening their footprint as much as they can. For example, many sustainable clothing brands only use renewable energy to run their factories, manufacture their clothes locally in the states, use recycled materials for all shipping packaging, and create as little waste as possible (water, fabric, etc).

Unfortunately, a majority of the most popular clothing brands source and manufacture their clothes overseas. They do this because it's more cost effective, but generally overseas production and fast fashion come with a negative environmental impact. This is why you will find that the most sustainable clothing brands make their clothes in Argentina or in a small controlled (and ethical) environment somewhere overseas.

NUMERO 52 is a vegan, upcycled, plant-based that encourages zero waste, circular economy and the use of new renewable materials.




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